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2011年1月29日 (土)

Vegetarian "Fu" Donburi

"Fu" is dried wheat gluten and very convenient. It's dried, so good to store for a long period. I keep this type of dried food in the kitchen just in case I suddenly become hungry in the midnight and crave for DONBURI.

You can cook DONBURI without using any meat. So, you can also enjoy your midnight DONBURI even though your refrigerator doesn't contain any chicken or beef.

By the way, DONBURI is Japanese dish with cooked food (anything! cooked meat, or sometimes "sashimi", slices of raw fish, cooked eggs ... etc.) served over cooked rice. It usually served in a rice bowl.

This morning, I cooked DONBURI with "fu".


1. Soak "fu" in water and make it soft. When it becomes soft, squeeze excess water.

2. Cook slices of onion in broth (broth for this donburi contains: oyster soy sauce, sugar, sake and water. Since I use "Oyster Soy Sauce" produced by ASAMURASAKI, I don't normally use "dashi", which is soup stock made of kelp or dried bonito. ASAMURASAKI's oyster soy sauce is great. ASAMURASAKI is a Hiroshima company and my parents who live in Hiroshima send the bottles of this soy sauce regularly. I'm addicted...)

3. Add 1 into 2 and cook for a while.

4. Pour the beaten egg into 3 and cook for a short time. Serve it over cooked rice.

5. It looks good when it's garnished with something green. (This time I put some cooked snap peas on top.)

I use a frying pan for this cooking.

This is "Fu". This time I used "Sendai Fu". Looks like bread!


Before soaking in water, they look exactly like slices of "baguette".

Then, cooked as DONBURI, look like this.


Now you don't need to worry about calorie counts anymore!

Yogurt with strawberries and honey for dessert! Strawberries are in season in Japan now.


Buon appetito!

Written by Keiko SASAKI


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